In the first instance, an expression of interest from a parent can be made and your child will be placed on the waiting list. When free places in the Kinderhaus come up we contact suitable families to arrange a one-on-one meeting. In general, children join the Kinderhaus at the beginning of the new care year, August through October. Each year we have approximately 10-15 places available for 1.5–2 year olds in the five mixed age groups and 5- 6 places for 1-1.5 year olds in the toddler group. Siblings have priority.

In the spring, prior to the beginning of the new care year in August the team carefully develops each group in the Kinderhaus, taking into account diverse needs and interests. The distribution of siblings, children from the toddler group, and new children is done according to pedagogical criteria and complex group dynamics. While this group planning takes place in spring, the groups are often not formalised until summer due to various reasons such as families moving or opting for another kindergarten. Once your family is offered a place you will have the opportunity to meet with and get to know the educators, the group and the Kinderhaus community.

We require a daycare voucher (gutschein) at least 2 months prior to your child joining the Kinderhaus, this process takes place through your local youth welfare office (Wohnsitz-Jugendamt). In the case of changing KiTA's your exisiting voucher is ordinarily sufficient.



The introduction of free childcare in Berlin (Kitakostenfreiheit) means considerable savings for many families. This precise figure is calculated on income. Parents are only required to pay a contribution for food costs of 23€ per month (1€ per day). 

However, even more then free childcare, most parents want quality childcare through, for example, a better educator-child ratio and an in-house kitchen. In consultation with parents, through the Association, we have developed a programme that meets parents wishes and requires the additional contribution of 40€, 60€, or 80€ per month. This costs allows for the provision of yoga, theatre, music, football and visits to learning workshops. The contribution per family is organised in a solidarity model according to the families financial situation and therefore arrangements that take into account financial hardship or multiple children in the Kinderhaus can be arranged.


A healthy diet is part of the healthy environment we offer our children. At the Kinderhaus the children are provided with breakfast, a warm lunch, and an afternoon snack. We source our food from a whole food wholesaler and freshly prepare our vegetarian dishes daily.



Each group of children consists of 14-15 children (mixed aged groups) and 10-11 children ( toddler group) with 3-4 educators. The entire team of the Kinderhaus currently consists of 22 educators and the managing director. The educational leadership is in the hands of the team, who understand the organisation and development of their work as an open process. The team meets once a week in various forms, either as the House Team, as the individual Group Teams or in professional supervision sessions. The goal of this constant self-reflection is the improvement of pedagogical work and to maintain and develop self-motivation. A good working environment is the tree on which fruit may grow.



Kinderhaus Waldemar is organized as a non-profit association according to therelevant German regulations. This means that in addition to the employees of the Kinderhaus all parents are invited to become Members of the Association and to influence its development. At the Bi-annual Association Meetings parents may participate in all fundamental decisions. At these meetings they also elect a board, which together with the management team, implements all Association resolutions and coordinates the organisation of the Kinderhaus. Each group has one parent and one educator on the board of representatives.



The Kinderhaus is an EKT - an Eltern-Initiativ-Kindertagesstätte
a Parents' Initiative Children's Daycare Centre - PICDS...
for those who like abbreviations - we don`t, it means:

The parents in the Kinderhaus have many opportunities to take initiative through participating in pedagogical processes, following the development of their children and providing important suggestions at parents' evenings. In addition, parents can support the broader organisation of the Association, designing the group rooms, working in the garden and so on. The Kinderhaus requires parents who are committed to and excited by this model and the possibility to contribute in various ways that such an daycare centre provides.



Educational Partnership means a mutual appreciation and a relationship full of trust and respect between parent, educator, and child. Parents and educators share in supporting the education and development of a child. This relationship is maintained through regular one-on- one parent/educator meetings and parents evenings where the group comes together and has the opportunity to discuss current topics.



Parental-service is an important part of the educational cooperation between educators and parents in the Kinderhaus community. Acting as an occasional caregiver in the Kinderhaus context enables parents to get to know their own child in a community with other children and other parents, they also become more familiar with the everyday lives of their children.

The regular parental-service takes place on Wednesday afternoons from 1.45pm to 4pm. During this period parents from children in the group provide care for the children while the educators hold meetings with parents, team meetings or participate in professional development. Parents may be requested to provide care support at other times if necessary due to illness, training etc. In these instances parents are expected to actively participate in the organisation and provision of care for the children. The cohesion of the parental community plays an important role in the dynamic of the group.



When taking a place in the Kinderhaus for your child, parents undertake to spend 15 hours per year contributing to the community. These hours can be carried out in a variety of ways according to preferences and possibilities but may include, for example, additional childcare service hours, repairs, errands and so on. The obligatory nature of these hours was introduced to ensure that each family contributes towards the running of the Kinderhaus. Each year parents make an additional contribution of 120€, at the end of the year the hours are billed and the corresponding amount reimbursed. Any left over money is used to reimburse parents who have done more than 15 hours or to engage professional tradespeople to carry out the tasks.

for more informations: call 030 6141029




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